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Neighbors For Better Planning 
Oppose the 489 Worcester Development

Citizen's Petition


The TOWN is seriously considering a proposal to REZONE THE CLIFF ESTATES RESIDENTIAL AREA to allow for a 45-unit multifamily housing with underground parking for 90 cars. This threatens to dramatically change one of Wellesley's most historic areas, which will  increase traffic and safety issues and destroy the abutting wetland’s ecosystem.   Neighbors For Better Planning oppose this project for several key reasons:


  1. Changing residential zoning will set a precedent to allow for multi-unit structures in ALL DISTRICTS. Rezoning residential areas in historic areas is not a thoughtful urban development plan.

  2. The traffic and safety issues will impact all the residents who travel along Washington Street and Route 9 in Wellesley. 

  3. The developers have filed to remove 46 mature trees from the abutting Wetlands. Replacing old trees with new trees results in flooding as the root systems of mature trees hampers flooding rain waters.  Replacing mature trees with new saplings also destroys the benefit mature tree canopies currently provide. Mature trees protect the ecosystem which includes wildlife, a constant stream and CO2 absorption. 

  4. Once the Wetlands are adversely impacted, it will take over 50 years to restore. Some wetlands are never restored. This will permanently disrupt the wildlife corridor and impact our ground water with poisons from blasting. These are forever chemicals. 

  5. The developers suggest this project will include affordable housing but refuse, when asked, to provide the listing price. Their other projects in Wellesley list units at $1.4 M and above. This does not meet the thresholds of affordable housing. 

  6. All residents, when they purchased their homes, have an implicit agreement with the town that these homes are in single family areas. Rezoning to accommodate a developer’s plan, when the town has other areas appropriately zoned for mult-unit housing transgresses this implicit understanding at the time of home sales.                                                       

  7. We, the residents of Wellesley, have elected the members of the Select Board to represent us, not developers.

Your signature can help amplify the opposition to this project based on these concerns.

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