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Is Your Neighborhood Next? 

Become familiar with the rezoning initiatives in our Town.


All neighborhoods in Wellesley should question if rezoning residential neighborhoods is a new or thoughtful planning policy in any district. The three prominent neighborhood rezoning efforts are listed below.  All these proposals would reshape their current neighborhoods.


Now, a change in by-law language is under consideration which would adversely impact ALL neighborhoods.  This is an URGENT MATTER.  Reach out to your Town Meeting Members to urge them to vote NO on Article 43.   Please see an overview and the article language below.

Neighbors for Better Planning is waiting for an updated 489 Worcester Street proposal from the developer, Victor Sheen.



Overview:  Article 43 will reshape Wellesley zoning permanently if passed. This poorly stated Article gives any developer guaranteed automatic rezoning on any property in Wellesley if the proposed development includes the words "senior living". This article if passed overrides all Town authority to review, refine and restrict developers from moving forward with a "senior living" facility. 



To see if Town Meeting will vote to amend its Zoning Bylaws Section 2.1 Single Residence Districts, by adding a provision in Paragraph A. Permitted Uses, adding

12. Use of land for access, and utilities to service any Assisted Elderly Living, Independent Elderly Housing, Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing Facilities (hereinafter referred to as any "Senior Housing Project") on directly abutting property in an adjacent municipality, shall be allowed, subject to the following:

a.   The Senior Housing Project must be either allowed as of right or receive any necessary zoning relief in the zoning district in the other municipality in which the abutting property is located.

b.   The Minimum Lot Area in the Single Residence District in which such access and utilities are provided shall be four (4) acres.

b.   Not less than 50% of the Lot Area in the Single Residence District shall be restricted from further development by means of a Conservation Restriction under M.G.L. c. 184, Secs. 31-33, or another appropriate deed restriction; provided, that the uses described in clause "f"' below and other uses generally consistent with conservation restrictions may be permitted.


d.   Use of the land located in the Single Residence District for access shall include any vehicular and pedestrian access necessary to service the Senior Housing Project to and from any public way located within the Town.


e.   Any access driveway shall meet the requirements of Section 5.17.D.3 of this Bylaw.


f.   Use of the land located in the Single Residence District for utilities shall include any necessary utilities that may be provided in or by the Town, including without limitation, water, sewer, storm water, electrical, telecommunications and facilities and improvements related thereto (such as, by way of example only, electrical transformers).


g   Permitted signage shall be in accordance with signs for Institutional Uses as set forth on Table 22A.1


h.   Provided that all of the foregoing requirements are met, notwithstanding Sections 2.1.B and 2.1.C below, the provisions of Sections 5.5 [Design Review], 5.6 [Project Approval] and 5.7 [Inclusionary Zoning] shall not apply to such use of the land in the Single Residence District solely for access and utilities for any Senior Housing Project in another municipality.

or take any other action in amending or enacting new zoning bylaws in relation thereto

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